Tangi Restaurant

Set in our tropical dining hall with a striking view of Mas’ lush jungle, Tangi Restaurant offers world-class vegan soul food that will nourish your body, mind, and soul. Tangi is derived from one traditional herb used for medication in Usadha. Myrtle leaves and fruit contain a unique combination of organic compounds and nutrients that make it an interesting dietary addition as an herb and an invaluable source of essential oil. Locally sourced, exceptionally delicious, carefully thought, scrupulously prepared, and beautifully presented, our cuisine promises an unforgettable dining experience while giving health benefits. Tangi restaurant will bring you an exceptional experience by presenting Balinese cuisine from around the world, and sourcing authentic plants.

Located in the village of Mas, Tangi (Crepe Mrytle ) tree also has a remarkable history. It is said that the great saint of Balinese Hinduism, Dhang Hyang Niratha planted a powerful, sacred stick in the middle area of Taman Pule temple during his venture into Mas. Thus, this stick grew as a Crepe Mrytle (Tangi) tree with a golden flower, which is why the village was named ‘Mas’ (gold).

Tangi was chosen to pay homage to the historical event happening in Mas and aimed to become a restaurant where everyone can reconnect themselves by indulging in food provided by nature.

Our menu represents our past, our present, and our future.

Indulge without feeling guilty with our healthy and mouth-watering dishes. Led by professionally trained Chef Wayan with 12 years of international experience including Bali is synonymous with the flavors of five-star cuisine. Alongside him, his talented and gifted sous chefs are passionate and dedicated to the creative creation of our menu. A dining concept that integrates healthy vegan recipes that represent the long-standing tradition of Balinese from the past, present, and future. We pride ourselves on using locally sourced produce of herbs and vegetarian mostly from our garden in a combination of imported ingredients. Included in the dining experience such as loloh, jamu, herbal teas, piduh salad allows you to experience the concept of the finest of Bali, like being transported back to how Balinese ancestors lived a healthy lifestyle. Our dishes are specifically designed for guests needs, goals, health history, dietary requirements and easily catered without compromising our food quality and taste. We are set to become a prominent restaurant that serves delicious vegan cuisine with stellar service.

Eat to live.

Living a healthy life means also eating healthy. To feel good and do good, we need to take care of our bodies first and foremost. We ensure our menu provides the building blocks you need to make the shift you want to see from within. Your journey of eclectic vegan cuisine with Balinese twist will start right away with our plant-based, raw vegan living foods, health-conscious that masterfully curated into the exquisite dishes that you will ever see. We combine different tastes, textures, vibrant colors, pure flavors with passion and utmost precision.

Our Chef


I Wayan Mulyawan, usually called Wayan or Wawan, is a Chef who has been in the world of the FnB industry for 20 years. Perfecting his passion by working on a cruise ship to further hone his skills and get insight into the FnB’s world even better. This paved the way for his culinary journey to Ubud. The ripples of his imaginative approach can be seen at our sister companies’ restaurants such as Sambal Matah Ubud, Biji World, Titi Batu. Building on that success and innovation, Chef Wayan is the mastermind of our refined taste of Bali in Tangi Restaurant.


Chef Gede Susila Yadnya is from Singaraja region in North Bali. He has been in the food industry for over 25 years, taking him to Paris, Cairo, Seychelles, and home, Indonesia.

His impressive portfolio includes Banyan Tree Hotels and Resort Bintan Island, Angsana Resort & Spa Bintan Island, Hilton Resort & Spa Maldives, Lemuria Resort Praline Seychelles, Kamala Asian Bar, and Dining Cairo, Lilin Indonesian Restaurant Potato Head Beach Club, and Clean Canteen Seminyak.

After going around the world, he decided to express himself in a new world of plant-based food by joining Gdas Bali Health and Wellness Resort. With his team and experience, he creates a modern twist of healthy plant-based cuisine using mainly local ingredients and herbs without compromising its taste.


Our sous chef, Ida Bagus Putu Wisaskara has six years of experience in the FnB industry and has been trained since he was young. For him, cooking is not simply serving good food but taking heart and energy to make an unforgettable taste of the food. Under Chef Wayan’s guide, he’s ready to conquer the world of vegan cuisine.