Gdas Bali offers a wide range of exclusive programs focusing on health, well-being, and mindful activities. Our wellness team can also tailor and personalize the program according to your needs.



Set against the village’s beautiful and atmospheric setting, guests at Gdas Bali can experience the utmost peace as they embark on a healing journey toward spiritual recovery through the resort’s many personalized wellness packages and activities on offer. Plan your well-deserved retreat ahead and take advantage of a special discount if you book at least 30 days in advance.



Are you ready to embark on a journey of inner peace and spiritual wellness? Gdas Bali offers Integrated mind-body meditation with Loloh within a stunning and exclusive environment paired with genuine Balinese hospitality from the heart. Balinese has its secret to maintaining body health and stamina, this cultural heritage of traditional medicine known as Usadha. The most popular one, Loloh is ancient medicine made of plants and spices that has various benefits to improve our immune system and general wellness.

Guided to do intention and affirmation through meditation by our guest experience specialist, Desak, will introduce Loloh tradition to express gratefulness to yourself for showing gratitude for your health and be grateful for this moment of peacefulness. Available every Friday from 5 – 6 pm at IDR 150.000++ per person, this combination movement will help you reduce your anxiety and stress levels, bringing awareness to your both body and mind health.



Treat yourself with a whole-some therapy from the ancient secret of Balinese herbal. This traditional healing ritual start with me-loloh, me-uut, me-boreh, me-kuup, and me-kum is an ancient Balinese treatment. It is a luxurious beauty treatment starting with traditional Loloh for detoxification. Me-apun massage helps improve blood circulation, with boreh miyik that helps remove dead skin cells. Mekuup is a classic body conditioner to plum up the skin and immerse your journey in a traditional Kumkuman bath with Ylang-ylang flowers, Cempaka, menyan, pandan, and Balinese flowers to fully unwind. Book today and get 20% discount.