Balancing the nervous system while opening and strengthening the heart and mental and emotional stability are essential for our body. No matter what stressors or life changes you’re going through, rest assured that reaching a dynamic balance is possible. Our mind balance treatment program can help to pinpoint what is bothering you. Start your session with consultation by our specialist and experience detoxification from inside and beyond.

Stress narrows our ability to think clearly, function effectively, and enjoy life. Our mind balance program below can help you release tension to be happier, healthier, and more productive. The ultimate goal is a balanced life, work-life balance, relationships, relaxation, fun, and the resilience to hold up under pressure and meet challenges head-on. The program is not one-size-fits-all; each is personalized according to your needs. Therefore, it’s essential to experiment and explore the best for you with consultation with our wellness expert.

Program Inclusions
This package offers a 5-day stay in your selected accommodation. Enjoy a relaxing and unforgettable experience in the comfort of your choice for an extended getaway.
Indulge in our daily full-board, plant-based meals. Delight in a variety of nourishing dishes that are not only delicious but also promote health and sustainability.
Our health and wellness experts will do wellness consultations to help guests to build their own experiences. They will suggest a diet plan, therapy schedule, and wellness activities to meet your wellness goals and needs.
Walking meditation brings your attention to the present moment; mindful walking is becoming aware of your surroundings and how your body and mind feel while moving. It helps lower stress, reduces anxiety, improves sleep, increases focus & concentration, slows you down, helps you get to know your body, is excellent for mental health, and helps you connect with nature.
The concept of Chakras originates from ancient Hinduism and is present in Buddhism and spiritual practices like yoga. It suggests that the human body is more than just physical; it consists of layers of energy fields forming the subtle body. “Subtle” denotes what’s delicate and refined. The term “Chakra,” derived from Sanskrit, translates to “spinning wheel.” In yogic philosophy, there are seven Chakras, serving as intersections for energy channels. Prana, the life force, flows through these channels or Nadis, influencing one’s physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Balancing these Chakras is believed to promote harmony and vitality.
The re-energizing feeling of this unique massage will melt away the muscle tension in your weary body after the long journey.
Following a comprehensive wellness consultation, our guests receive a tailored treatment designed by our expert team. This personalized approach combines therapeutic methods, nutritional guidance, and mindfulness practices to enhance overall well-being. It ensures a rejuvenated body and mind, fostering lasting health and profound inner balance.
Restorative yoga is suitable for practitioners of all levels. By definition, restorative yoga is a restful practice that holds yoga poses (asanas) for a longer duration using props like yoga blocks, blankets, and bolsters. It is a practice of deep relaxation that emphasizes the meditative aspect of yoga—the union of body and mind. Through props for support, many of the postures are held almost effortlessly.
In Balinese culture, purification rituals are designed to cleanse the body and spirit. Commonly, individuals immerse themselves in holy spring water or go through several rites, symbolizing the removal of impurities and negative energies. These rituals are essential for spiritual harmony and balance.
The “Excursions by Gdas Bali” are a series of customized activities exclusively offered at Gdas Bali, designed to integrate indigenous nature, traditional culture, and the local community for an unparalleled guest experience. On offer at Gdas Bali are full-day and half- day bespoke experiences focusing on spa and wellness, Balinese culture, arts and crafts, and environmentally conscious excursions.
Learn about Balinese daily life, culture and traditions, religion impacts almost every aspect of life on the island and draws people to Bali to see and experience it.
Introducing Gdas herb garden and the function of each herb and experiencing the process of making Loloh.
With your stay, you’ll enjoy complimentary access to our extensive wellness facilities, including a fully equipped gymnasium, refreshing swimming pool, invigorating cold pool, relaxing warm pool, soothing steam room, traditional sauna, and rejuvenating infrared sauna. Embrace a complete wellness experience during your visit.
Soak away the tension of modern living with an evening aromatherapy bathing ceremony. An ancient ritual helps to loosen up tight muscles and relax the entire body.
The bedtime ritual begins with selecting comfy pajamas, followed by a series of affirmations for self-reflection and positivity. It includes a mindful review of the day’s activities. Finally, sipping on a specially brewed tea offers a soothing conclusion, promoting restful sleep and a peaceful night’s rest.